Hose reeler BT 6.25.13

suitable for max. 25 m hose NW 13

Hose reeler BT6000 (599.8KB)

Manual BT 6.25.13 (73.9KB)

Hose Series BT6000

The flexible connection from the hard line to the site of application or tool for UEL, water and compressed air. For hose lengths from 20m to 50m. advantages:

  • Due to decades of experience approved system
  • Robust metal construction with maintenance-free ball bearing
  • Surface plastic coated
  • Lock with 2 grids per revolution
  • large media flow according to DN
  • Custom-possible depending on operational requirements

ArtNo.BT 6.25.13BT 6.40.13BT 6.50.13BT 6.20.19BT 6.30.19BT 6.40.19BT 6.50.19BT 6.20.25BT 6.30.25BT 6.40.25BT 6.50.25BT 6.10.32BT 6.20.32BT 6.30.32BT 6.40.32BT 6.10.38BT 6.20.38
Total weight42 kg61 kg63 kg43 kg50 kg63 kg65 kg48 kg70 kg70 kg70 kg50 kg72 kg72 kg73 kg52 kg70 kg
Hose length in m2540502030405020304050102030401020
Operating pressure in bar3030303030-3030303030303030303030
Hose nominal width in mm1313131919191925252525323232323838
Hose nominal width in Zoll1/2"1/2"1/2"3/4"3/4"3/4"3/4"1"1"1"1"1 1/4"1 1/4"1 1/4"1 1/4"1 1/2"1 1/2"
Dim A in mm440440440440440440440440600600600440600600600440600
Dim B in mm360360360360360360360360530530530360530530530360530
Dim C in mm230230230230230230230230230230230230230230230230230
Dim F in mm520550620550620620700620620650650620620650700620650
Dim G in mm615625700625700700780700700735735700700735780700735
Dim G in mm (Diameter)233233233233233233233233390390390233390390390233390
Dim I in mm345345390345390390430390390410410390390410430390410
Dim E in ZollG 3/4"iG 3/4"iG 3/4"iG 1"iG 1"iG 1"iG 1"iG 1"iG1"iG1"iG 1"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/2"iG 1 1/2"i
Dim D in ZollG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 1/2"iG 3/4"iG 3/4"iG 3/4"iG 3/4"iG 1"iG1"iG1"iG 1"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/4"iG 1 1/2"iG 1 1/2"i