Hose reeler BT 7008

incl. 8 m special twin hose NW 6/9

Hose reeler BT7000 (570KB)

Manual BT 7008 (84.3KB)

Hose Series BT7000

The flexible combination of fixed location to the point of use for acetylene and oxygen. For hose lengths of 8m to 30m. advantages:

  • Due to decades of experience approved system
  • Robust metal construction with maintenance-free ball bearing, shaft and rotating body made ​​of brass
  • Surface plastic coated
  • Lock with 2 Einrastmöglichkeiten per revolution
  • Custom-made according to operational requirements possible

ArtNo.BT 7008BT 7010BT 7015BT 7020BT 7025BT 7030
Total weight23 kg25 kg32 kg36 kg41 kg47 kg
Hose length in m81015202530
Hose DN in mm6/96/96/96/96/96/9
Operating pressure in bar15/1015/1015/1015/1015/1015/10
Dim A in mm310310420420500500
Dim B in mm265265305305395395
Dim C in mm240240215215300300
Dim D in mm100100185185275275
Dim K in mm435435435435435435